The creator of IDIABE - The Liberal Scientific Technologies Pte. Ltd. is the only developer in the world of high-quality and efficient semiconductor structures based on silicon

Our team consists of 29 highly qualified employees with doctoral degrees in physics, chemistry and microelectronics. Our undeniable advantage is fundamental scientific knowledge and vast experience.

The activity of the company is not based on the usual 3D modeling or the use of artificial intelligence. We do only real science.

Liberal Scientific Technologies Pte. Ltd. is a regular participant of international specialized scientific exhibitions and conferences. To date, we have published more than 300 articles and registered many patents.

Due to the fact that we are the only company that managed to create a semiconductor crystal emitting in a wide range of terahertz range, our company is the leading developer of terahertz devices in the world.

At the heart of the microelectronic medical industry

Liberal Scientific Technologies Pte. Ltd. cooperates with many companies in the field of designing microelectronic devices, as well as with medical research centers and hospitals.

The characteristics of our chips open up endless possibilities for designing new medical devices for treatment and monitoring. The widespread use of terahertz radiation is the next step in the development of human life support systems.

As a base material manufacturer and developer of the technology that underpins medical, diagnostic and preventive applications, Liberal Scientific Technologies Pte. Ltd. is a backbone enterprise in one of the most promising areas of microelectronics and photonics.